Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So i thought the project was a fashion parried, but i was wrong its a modeling comp.
I have one comp and 3 praised.

I really enjoy this poster. i love the way the colours come together. I think it fits the look thaty model and fashionable people would pay attention to.

As a fashion show flyer go's i really like this one i think it would get the attenchion of the people i want to come to the event. i love the way the coloures in the text and colours in the image just fit.

I think I went a little over bord with the vines. But I with a little more development this one could be a really great poster/flyer.

This one is very symple compered to the other flyers. But i like it. i like the colours agents the black and white grafeety in the back ground.

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