Tuesday, October 12, 2010

VIVID logo, poster work and management team update.

Meeting of part of the Vivid management team.
Topics talked about;
1. Theme’s for exhibition
2. Vivid logo
3. Blog and E mail (and there use’s)
4. Photograph for the night
5. Collage puzzle for out side activity.
6. Lighting (back ground coloured lighting for trees etc)
7. Food and drinks for the night (wine, OJ, cheese, cold water, crackers, strawberries and we like the idea of a desert of some kind)
8. Asking hospitality if they might have a some people with RSI’s to serve on the night so the class members are free to Enjoy the night.
9. Music (maybe get a high school band to play)
10. Sponsors, who we might need and how to go about getting them involved. Also how we can think or show there sponsor ship.
11. Number of classes available for us on the night, we may need more so we are going to have to look a getting some more from some other place. Maybe TAFE might have some or maybe we can get them as sponsorship. Also glass decorations.
12. Theme for the night, we have come up with cubes as a fetcher. using them for mounting art, seating, the signage, a surface to project the opining images on and for the Mac’s to sit on.
13. We want to get a video dune of the class as a kind of opener,
14. Doing a info pack for year 12 students about out class and what it offers. Going to talk to classes and also showing them some of out work. Also infighting then to come to Vivid.
15. We talked about ways on lighting the path way so people don’t get lost on the way to the E3 space.
16. Dress code.

Some ideas for logo and DL flyer

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