Sunday, August 29, 2010

Apply techniques to produce digital images. "When it rains, it pours".

My first and favourite idea for this was to tack the photo of my drawing in a water fountain when it was raining. But I found chasing the rain much harder then I had expected.
So I took the same idea of the water coming from 2 places and re-worked it where I could control everything.
I have my little girl holding her umbrella that has a noose on the handle (drain with ink on paper) The idea of the noose is to emphasize that it is a bad/deadly idea for a girl made of paper to go out in the rain, even if she has an umbrella, which is also made of paper.
in my image the little girl in the vase is coming of the paper, as she comes out of the water in to the rain and stream from the watering can. Metaphor for something, or maybe I’m just trying to show that its in this time when things keep on coming, where you should not survive is when you become more then what you are, wore.
maybe that’s why when it rains, It pours.

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