Monday, July 12, 2010

Coloure theary, Web skin assinment


Web skin

Tootsies Podiatry

The target market is all people with feet, this means I have a very large group of people that are going to be using the website. As much I needed to make it simple, easy to use but still appealing to this large group. So I have gone with safe colours with the blues and tones and shades of blues, black and white. I have used a black and white image in the header; I think it’s a sweet image that shows the family part of tootsies.

For this Web skin for Tootsies Podiatry I was going for a simple to use clean web page as the target market is so varied from younger families to elderly. Tootsies are a Family owned business for families of all ages with a strong emphasis on children. As such I needed to make this web site very user friendly and easy to use. That being said I have used soothing non-offensive colours. I’m not asking too much of the user.

The logo I think is really close to what the owners wanted. I have the blue footafly with the text. I really enjoy the little bit of playfulness that comes thought in its name and in to the logo it’s self but still keeping its professional look. Which is very important to my client. I have included on the website The Australian Podiatry Association logo that represents the profession to Government, community and other professional bodies, as well as acting as a contact point for the public as Tootsies is a member and wish to advertise this fact as it has good standing in the podiatry community.

The client had a web site, however it was very outdated and as their clinic was going through renovations and updating their facility, increasing their capacity of the clinic they wanted to push the new look through to their web site, stationary and uniforms. Looking to inform their loyal clients and attracting more clientele away from their competitors and first time visitors. Also to educate the public as to what a podiatrist can do for them. By showing them that some of the things people just live with like foot and heal pain, all the way thought to back pain and headaches can be very quickly and painlessly with the right shoes or orthotic inserts.

The colours used in the web skin itself are the same colours as was used in the Logo. The same two blues, black and white. I did this to keep that uniformity throughout the web site. The uniformity is important because of the range of people that are going to be looking at the web page, one colour out of place can really make people feel uncomfortable making them less likely to stay on the website.

So over all I have gone for a professional crisp clean and harmonious looking skin. I believe I have achieved this rather nicely. I like the logo, I think my “client” would rather like what I have done.

COLOURS used in the logo.

Given Pantone colour 633

Other Blue Pantone colour 551

C 100
M 0
Y 10
K 25

R 0
G 139
B 176

C 30
M 9
Y 15
K 0

R 177
G 205
B 209

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