Monday, June 21, 2010

The Shelf

It was a lovely day in Melanie’s bedroom.
A perfect day for a tea party.
Sally some1 the doll and Belkira the soldier were just getting into place when Melanie’s mother called her away.

How disappointing, Sally thought to herself. She was looking forward to the tea party. Now she has to wait for Melanie.
Just then Sally heard a funny noise, as she looked around she saw it was Beltira on the shelf.

He was laughing so loudly and pointing at his sister, Belkira, sitting right next to Sally.
Sally could not see what was so funny, so she asked him.

“Beltira what is so funny? Why are you laughing at Belkira”?
Belkira does not want her brother to tell, but what can she do? She thinks her friends are going to laugh at her.

Beltira was laughing to hard it was hard to talk.
‘Belkira does not like pink, and look what Melanie dresses her in”!
This was a big surprise to Sally and the other toys from the shelf. How can you not like a colour?

Sally stood up and asked Belkira “Is it true? How can you not like a colour”?
Belkira looked at her dress and replied “It’s not all colours, I just don’t like Pink. Do you not like colours”?

Sally had not thought about it before, what colours does she like? Are there colours that she doesn’t like?
“I like Blue, pink, yellow and red, like my dress I really like Green. But now that I think about it I don’t like brown”.

Sally was thinking about colours and how different toys like different things and said “I guess we are all different and like different things. It makes us all special”.
Just then Melanie came back into the room, to continue with her tea party with Sally and Belkira.

My illustrated pages.

The shelf, Colour
Written and illustrated By Hayley Blonde.
My book in amid at a young children, 3 to 5 years of age. I have used simple and to the point sentences to encourage the young person to try to read but also to encourage imaginations this is a perfect bedtime story. I used a very simple front to follow throw with the idea i want think kids to use there imagination i don't want the taxt getting in the way of that. With fun characters, soothing colours and a lesson to be loaned.

The topic of this book is Colour, I have tried to explore the idea that not every one like every colour and that it is ok if you don’t like what others likes. I believe I have achieved this by opening a dialogue about colour. One toy trying to keep a secret that she dues not like pink as she thinks the others are going to laugh at her. Instead of being laughed at she challenges the others to think about what they like and they see that its not a bad thing to be different. It’s what makes them all special.

My characters are not you cliché toy that you would find in a little girls room. I have faceless toy solders, a toy scarecrow with her mouth sown up. A duck with a bendy neck. The only toy that you might find in a girls room is a patched up old teddy bear, but even he has no mouth. As I was looking in to children’s books and toys I found a theory on encouraging young children to use there imagination by what there toys book and characters they are exposed to and what they look like. They say that giving kids toys with no faces little to no details but use a small range of colour on each toy. Although I don’t agree with all of what I had found out about them. I liked the idea of simplifying right down, using simple shapes and little details through the book and illustrations.

I had some problems with getting the orientation right on some of my pages. But I think I found a nice medium with getting the character looking the way I wanted them to and being in the right position or looking in the light direction.

I have the characters looking at the reader a lot this is an attempt of drawing the reader in to the story , getting them more involved with what is going on in Melanie’s bedroom. I think it worked almost as I wanted it to. I am currently exploring this idea further.

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  1. I love the toy shelf on that first page - especially the duck and the teddy bear. You've made them look well loved and they're realistic of what you would find in a children's bedroom. The concept of your story is great as well - teaching children through a story that it's alright to be different and that it's alright to like different things is great :)